OJK Launches SICANTIKS: Empowering Women In Sharia Financial Literacy

By Abdus Salam Muharam

The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) has introduced the SICANTIKS program on September 14, 2023, known as “Sahabat Ibu Cakap Literasi Keuangan Syariah” (Mother’s Friends on Promoting Sharia Financial Literacy). This initiative aims to enhance sharia financial literacy by engaging mothers in their communities.

Prominent Attendees

The launch event in Bandung on Thursday saw the participation of key figures, including Indarto Budiwitono, Head of OJK Regional 2 in West Java, Gandjar Yudniarsa, Head of the Procurement Bureau at the West Java Provincial Government, Neneng Amiarti, Chairwoman of the West Java Sisterhood Muslim Association, Muniarti Mukhlisin, Co-founder of Sakinah Finance, and hundreds of mothers who are leaders, organizers, and preachers (mubalighah and ustadzah), as well as representatives from various Taklim Assembly groups in the Greater Bandung area.

Background and Purpose

The SICANTIKS program is initiated by OJK in response to the low levels of sharia financial literacy and inclusion. In 2022, the sharia financial literacy rate stood at 9.14% (compared to 8.93% in 2019), with sharia financial inclusion at 12.12% in 2022 (compared to 9.10% in 2019).

To improve sharia financial literacy and inclusion, especially considering the significant role played by women, OJK has designed a series of programs to promote Female Sharia Financial Literacy Ambassadors. One of these programs involves providing ongoing literacy training to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and community-based influencers.

Target Audience and Program Components

The SICANTIKS program will primarily target female preachers (penceramah/ mubaligah), leaders, and organizers of Taklim Assemblies, as well as mosque administrators who have a substantial influence on enhancing sharia financial literacy within womens, participation of mothers and women communities in study groups (Kelompok Pengajian/ Majelis Taklim) and organizations.

Through the SICANTIKS program, female ambassadors for Sharia Financial Literacy will receive education on sharia financial products. They will also undergo Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions for financial education, and maintain collaboration through WhatsApp groups to stay updated on the latest sharia financial issues.

The Urgency of This Program: Including Indonesia’s Dominantly Female Demography and Challenging Social and Religious Constructions

The importance of the SICANTIKS program cannot be overstated. Indonesia’s population is predominantly female, and the social construct often pigeonholes women into roles solely related to household management and financial matters. Furthermore, Indonesia’s religious and cultural values position women as the primary educators for the childrens of current and future generations. As a result, the SICANTIKS program holds a critical role in breaking free from these traditional gender norms and empowering women in Sharia Financial Literacy. It recognizes their potential as vital catalysts for change within families and communities.

iBantu Call to Action

As the launch of SICANTIKS, we invite everyone to empower women in Sharia Financial Literacy. Apart from inviting, iBantu also supports all programs and actions aimed at empowering women in increasing their Sharia financial literacy. The statistics show a pressing need for increased financial knowledge and inclusion in the world of Sharia finance, and we believe that women can play a pivotal role in bridging this gap.

To make a real impact, we also call upon all stakeholders, from policymakers to financial institutions, community leaders to educators, and especially the women who are the backbone in this matter, to actively engage with the women program in financial literacy.

Let us come together, support the Female Sharia Financial Literacy Ambassadors, and ensure that every woman has the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Together, we can create a brighter financial future for all.

Join us in this empowering mission and be part of our community in iBantu Academy.

Reference: OJK.

OJK Launches SICANTIKS: Empowering Women In Sharia Financial Literacy
ibantu, salamuharam April 28, 2024
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