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 What We Do

What we can do, for your business

 At iBantu, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge blockchain technology with the principles of the Islamic economy to empower businesses. We are committed to revolutionising the way businesses operate in accordance with Islamic values.

Our tailored blockchain solutions provide businesses with transparency, security, and efficiency, aligning seamlessly with the principles of fairness and ethical conduct upheld by the Islamic economy. Whether it's facilitating transparent halal supply chains, ensuring ethical financial transactions, or optimising operational processes, iBantu is at the forefront of driving innovation in the intersection of blockchain and Islamic finance.

By leveraging our expertise in web3.0 technologies, we help businesses navigate the digital landscape while staying true to the values of the Islamic economy. 

 How It Works

Putting Islamic Economy into the hands of local businesses and communities

At iBantu, we empower local businesses and communities by placing control of the Islamic economy in their hands. Through a fusion of advanced blockchain technology and Islamic principles, we redefine business operations with transparency, security, and efficiency. Our tailored solutions, promoting fairness and ethical conduct, facilitate transparent halal supply chains, ethical financial transactions, and streamlined operations. iBantu pioneers innovation at the crossroads of blockchain and Islamic finance, guiding businesses through the digital landscape while honouring the values of the Islamic economy.

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 Why It Works

Delivering Ethical Values To Customers, Businesses and FinTechs

Customers now have a trusted local guide and novel access to financial services that were previously out of reach. 

Local Businesses see increased foot traffic, deeper customer relationships, and a new revenue stream.

FinTechs gain access to a thriving marketplace and a built-in network of merchants to drive product uptake.

A Broad Suite of Web 3.0 & Blockchain Technology Services


Our technology supports a wide array of capabilities and services designed for consumers

Send & Receive Money

Domestic Money Transfers
Wallet Transfers
Mass/Batch Transfers
Cash Management Services

Buy Financial Products

SUKUK Structures
Equities Structures
TAKAFUL Products
Savings Products

Digital Assets

Prepaid Cards

Transact & Pay Bills

Utilities Payments
Credit Card Payments
Mobile & Cable Recharge


Our technology supports a wide array of capabilities and services designed for businesses

Drive Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Web 3.0 & Blockchain Solutions

Upgrade Web3.0 Infrastructure

End-to-End Digitalisation

Supply Chain Management


ERP Integration

Social Media Marketing Integration

Warehouse Inventory Automation

Deal Advisory

Shariah Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Sustainable Investments

Impact Investing

Fully Integrated With Key Payment Networks & Service Provider



How we impact the communities and businesses

Transforming Communities and Businesses Through Blockchain Innovation

iBantu's blockchain solutions catalyze positive change in communities and businesses, empowering them with transparency, security, and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating advanced blockchain technology, we revolutionise traditional practices, ensuring ethical transactions, transparent supply chains, and optimized operations. iBantu stands as a transformative force, driving sustainable impact in the intersection of blockchain and community-centric business practices.

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