Our Team

Damar Osman

CEO | Deal Advisory


More than 17 years experienced in Financial Industry, Consulting & Deal Advisory. Currently advising company in Indonesia, Singapore & South Korea. Holds Master in Islamic Finance.

Dr Mahbubi Ali

Shariah Supervisory Board


More than 15 years experienced in the field of Shariah. Currently Chairman of Shariah Board to Central Bank of Brunei

Prof. Dr. Zulkarnain Muhammad Sori

Board Of Council | Deal Advisory


More than 20 years experienced in Education , Consulting Industry. Accounting, Auditing & Islamic Finance Expert. Currently, as an associate Dean at INCEIF University and advising companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore , South Korea.

Adj. Prof.  Warwick Powell

Board of Council |Deal Advisory


Specialized in the field of Decentralized or Distributed ledger technologies, blockchain, digital asset design and implementation. Currently, He is an Adjunct Professor QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and advising companies in Hong Kong, USA, Australia, etc.

Imam Nur Azis

Board of Council | Deal Advisory


More than 15 years experienced in the field of Shariah (Waqf Blockchain, technology, entrepreneurship, etc). He is a founder of wakafprenuer and Chairman of Association of Nadzhir Indonesia ( ANI) and also an executive in Badan Wakaf Indonesia.

Suri Hanim

Director for Islamic Economy | Deal Advisory


Over 2 decades of senior leadership experience in setting up and managing new business units from scratch especially related to Islamic finance. Currently, She is a Professor of Practice from INCEIF University. Experienced in Advising International Banks, such as Bank of Maldives, MUFG Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and more.

Dr Hazik Mohamed


Dr Hazik Mohamed is a multi-skilled professional with substantial business management and varied experience in strategic, problem-solving, project management and operational leadership roles. He has over 25 years of working experience and spent over 15 years building start-ups and business consulting, where he has consulted for MSMEs and MNCs on various business-related issues. His past corporate clients also include the ASEAN Secretariat, national finance offices, and the UNCDF.

Mohammed Nazzer Hamzah 

CTO | Deal Advisory


More than 15 years in Technology Management. Specializing in Blockchain Technology, Food Security, RFID/IOT data ingestion, Data Analysis, and Cyber Infrastructure Security. AI/ ML & Blockchain Certified from NTU.

Colonel (V) Mohamed Razaleigh Bin Mohamed Saem

Director | Strategic Partnership


Razaleigh, an engineering and IT expert with 20+ years in senior management, leads 3AM, Manjaya Pte Ltd, and Cloudfield. He has served in the SCDF as Colonel (V) and excels in corporate governance, community service, and organizational excellence. He holds BSc (Hons) Engg Biz Mgmt, FSM, BCCP (BCMI), DPO.

Charles Turner Morris

Advisor for Blockchain Technology


Specialised in the Blockchain traceability services. Focus on supply chains. Currently, as a Director in Smart Trade Networks.

Fachru Nurul Imam



More than 4 years experienced in Corporate Finance & Entrepreneurship. Focused on Islamic Economy & Deal Advsiory. Phd Candidate in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Salman Abdurrubi

Managing Director Indonesia


Shariah Scholar specialized in Business Sustainability, Investment and Islamic Economy. Focused on Deal Advsiory. Holds Master in Islamic Finance

Kusnan Suyuti

Managing Director | iBantu Academy


More than 10 years experienced in Islamic Bank & Economics. Avid Researcher and Lecturer. Holds Master in Islamic Finance.

Mohammed Rafique Maricar

Executive Director | Deal Advisory


More than 15 years experienced in Talent, Innovation & Performance Improvement. Currently advising company in Singapore & Malaysia. Focused on Deal Advisory. Holds a Bachelor in Business & Information Technology

Ganjar Primambudi

Public Relations | Associate Director


Islamic Economics and Finance specialist adept in Banking and Risk Management. Emphasizing Public Relations and Academic Research. Holds a degree in Economics and is currently pursuing a Master's in Economics.

Aprilia Sukmanurillah

Marketing | Associate Director


Shariah Scholar specialized in Islamic Finance. Focused on market acquisition and development. Holds degree in Islamic Law and Master in Islamic Finance

Muhammad Revi Rafsanzani

Marketing | Associate Director


Focus on Marketing development. Holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in Islamic finance (banking) and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Islamic banking and finance.